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What can I pair my Esta Chocolates with?

This blog post is inspired by our lovely loyal customers, who always give us ideas delicious
pairing ideas. Here are some of our favorites:
1) For the dark chocolate lover, may we suggest a true classic: red wine! Our dark chocolate
boasts a rich and creamy flavor profile with a light touch of vanilla. A bold and rich
Cabernet Sauvignon would be an ideal match. But remember, just like with chocolate, the
best kind of wine is the wine you like!
2) Some of our daring customers drop a delicious truffle into their afternoon coffee. This is
the perfect treat to keep you going on a busy day. If you are trying this out, we suggest
using the milk chocolate truffle.
3) Do you like baking? Have you tried placing our Esta Chocolates truffles on top of a
cake/cupcake as a topper? We suggest using the truffle that works with the baked good.
For instance, a rich chocolate cake can be complemented well with aromatic raspberry
truffles. Buttercream frosting and vanilla cakes can really shine with a caramel chocolate
truffle topping.
4) On a cool summer day, place an Esta Chocolates truffle on your ice-cream cone! This
will add a little more texture to your creamy dessert.
5) For a lover of the classics (cars, cocktails and chocolate!), we suggest our chocolates
“straight up”! Pick your favorite Esta Chocolates truffle and just let it melt…