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fine chocolates perfected

through generations

Canadian Made Truffles with ​European Quality and Taste!

At Esta Chocolates, we believe it is the recipe that counts. Ours is a recipe that has been passed down from one master European Chocolatier to the next since 1953. The very finest ingredients and attention to detail is used in the blending of our chocolate to create Esta Signature Truffles. Flavour, richness and consistency are all put to the test before we put our name on a single truffle. One bite and you will remember Esta Chocolates forever!

Esta truffles are right for every season and any occasion. Our chocolatier celebrates each holiday by creating truffles in unique shapes and special flavours. Wrapped in our seasonally themed boxes, bags and ribbons, they make the perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues and employees.

Esta Chocolates

Esta 12 Signature Truffle Hearts

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